October and its colourful party


The arrival of autumn shades the landscapes of the Scottish highlands. A festival of colours invites us to enjoy the most beautiful games of colours that make this dance of colours unique, where ochre, yellow, red, green, purple, and brown are the soul of the autumn festival. The Scottish countryside makes you this special invitation where all your senses will open up to new experiences. In House of Mark Cottage, we offer you all the comforts to fully enjoy that dance of colours that are balsam for the soul. Come and enjoy it! You will be our special guest! 

Reasons to visit Scotland in autumn

There are many reasons to visit Scotland in Autumn, however, my choice is Autumn vegetation. Scotland's beguile landscapes are one of its greatest assets. Mountains circle the horizons, islands glimmer offshore and great valleys curve across the map. They boast a year-round beauty but it's during autumn when their colours are at their fieriest. Interlace with evergreen Scots pines, the ochres and reds spread across the hills, tinting the woods and reflecting in lochs. 

Visit Scotland in autumn; the panorama is glowing with autumnal colours, the skies get a sublime purple and orange shine, and the wildlife is flourishing with activity.

Come and enjoy it! You will be our special guest!